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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DC Super Friends: Crime Wave!

Courtesy Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage comes DC Super Friends: Crime Wave!

DCSF:CW is another piece of the merchandising onslaught surrounding the DC Super Friends toy line, which began as action figures but have since expanded into toddler toys, stickers, puzzles, and yes, chapter books.

Drawn by Friend of the Shrine Dan Schoening, Crime Wave is extra special since it focuses on Aquaman and Black Manta, as we'll see when the story opens:
Suddenly water begins to flood the room, and the Super Friends start helping people to safety. Even more surprising is an octopus, whose tentacles begin to rise out of the water!

Following the octopus is a shark, and riding it is Black Manta!
Black Manta nabs the giant pearl, and the Super Friends order him to stop. Manta then orders the shark, octopus, and electric eels to attack out heroes. While Batman is chased by the eels, and Superman the octopus, Aquaman chases after Black Manta:
With Batman trapped by the eels, and Superman in the grips of the octopus, it looks like its up to Aquaman. The Sea King talks to the rogue sea creatures, and sets them straight:
Black Manta gets clamped down on by a giant oyster, and while he is distracted Batman nabs the pearl back from him. Police show up and take Manta away, and Batman and Aquaman return the pearl to it's rightful place. Aquaman then turns to his octopus pal:
...The End!

DC Super Friends: Crime Wave is the perfect book for any young Aqua-fan who is just starting to read past picture books. The Sea King gets the majority of the action, talk to his finny friends, and square off against his #1 foe! Who could ask for more?

Thanks Russell!

You can purchase DC Super Friends: Crime Wave via this handy Amazon link, and toss the Shrine a couple of cents in the process:


Designer Daddy said...

"Black Manta clutches the pearl."


Russell said...

Cool to start my day reading about...me! Thanks for the shout out, Rob! :-)

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