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Friday, June 29, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: Super-Team Family/Dale Roberts

We have a two-fer for this week's Aquaman Art Gallery installment; the first is yet another Aquaman-centric mock-up from the endlessly inventive Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues blog. Surprisingly, the work of Craig Hamilton and Joe Jusko fits together fairly well!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Michael T. Jones)

Speaking of awesome mock-up covers for Aqua-books that never were (but should have been), we also have this submission by newest F.O.A.M. member Dale Roberts:
...aww yeah, man! I would have been all over this book if DC had ever done it (Dale even gets right the non-sequitur character reprints in books like these, throwing in Liberty Belle and The Ray reprints for no good reason).

Thanks Dale, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Wings1295 said...

Both awesome and tons of fun!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

These are wonderful. I would have started hyperventilating out of sheer joy if there had been an Aquaman 100 page Super Spectacular. I loved those things.

Anonymous said...

that would be a great fight! arthur vs logan who do you think would win ?

TotalToyz said...

I think a great white shark would give Logan's cop-out healing factor something to work on...