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Friday, June 08, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: Marcio L. Castro

This beautifully simple, cartoony image of the Sea King and the Thunder God is courtesy artist Marcio L. Castro (from his DeviantArt page)!

I particularly love the lighting in this piece; the shadows on the figures make it seem like the two heroes are on the JLA Satellite or something, standing over some brightly-lit computer displays, surveying the trouble down on Earth.

Aquaman and Thor, with their parallel histories and general attitudes, are a natural team-up pair; yet they really haven't had much chance to interact, aside from some brief moments in the JLA/Avengers mini-series from a few years back. I'd love to see them really go at it, toe to toe--eventually reconciling and going after their rogue brothers, of course!


Anonymous said...

Why does Thor have no pants?

Wings1295 said...

Definitely a great piece!

Designer Daddy said...

Maybe Chris Hemsworth can star in the Aquaman movie? That would make me giddy for sure. :)

Orin's dad said...

Thor's wearing his swim trunks because he and Aquaman are getting ready to team up to take down the new Loki/Orm combo of evil that's terrorrizing the undersea world.

I do like this piece.

Anonymous said...

Orins Dad,

Weirdly enough, that makes sense lol.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Thor's hammer looks like a really substantial block of uru here; I like it! And those glowing dots on his underoos will surely help light the way through those undersea trenches.