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Monday, May 28, 2012

Super Powers Carrying Case Original Art

Here is Dick Giordano's original art (click to embiggen) for the Super Powers carrying case, a quite spiffy little item that allowed you to lug your SP action figures around. As is usually the case with the work of the late great Mr. Giordano, it is drop-dead awesome--exciting, iconic; everything superhero comic art should be!

While I did collect the Super Powers figures at the time, I never had the carrying case (let's just say I wasn't too concerned with ever having to carry them out of the house). But now of course I want it!

And check it out...of all the heroes, it looks like Aquaman is gonna be the first to paste the bad guys one! Way to go, Arthur!


Earth 2 Chris said...

The case has mini-origins of the first series heroes too. It's really nice. Most carrying cases aren't even made by the series manufacturer, but this one is.

Love the Giordano art of course!

Andy Luckett said...

One of the defining toys/pieces of merchandise from my childhood. I still have it. The short run-downs of the heroes' origins on the front and back inner covers were where I first learned the origin stories of Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, etc. And that front art...drooool. Great stuff. This is the kind of thing I think of when the words "DC Comics" are mentioned.