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Monday, May 07, 2012

The Super Poderes Collection

On Episode 17 of The Fire and Water Podcast, Shag and I covered the Super Powers Collection (or at least much as we could in one show), which was a lot of fun--and not just for us, obviously, since that episode received more response from listeners than pretty much any show to date.

One of the listeners who wrote in was Hector Negrete, who also provided some info and graphics on the Mexican version of the line, called Super Poderes:
"The Super Powers line in México was produced by Lili Ledy, a mexican company that produced locally several toy lines, due the extreme restrictions for importing toys made in China (on benefit of local toy makers and companies). Lili Ledy is mostly popular nowadays for also doing a Star Wars line for México. In Mexico, the line was called 'Super Poderes Colección' (literal translation of Super Powers Collection)

According to Lili Ledy's catalog (and cardboard), all of the 12 original first wave from Kenner were announced, as well as two vehicles: The Batmobile and the Lex Soar-7. But for what I have searched only 6 action figures were made (can't find any evidence that proves me wrong): Superman, Batman, Robin, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. For the vehicles, the only produced was the Lex Soar-7."
Like the American line, these figures came with custom-made mini-comics highlighting each of the characters, including Aquaman. Oddly enough, though, on the back of each comic where all the other books are listed, Aquaman is absent:
Hector continues: "The Comics and the cardboard were also translated. Inside the mini-comics the following text appears (translated from Spanish): 'Friends: Welcome to the world of the Super Powers Colección. Congratulations for acquiring one this fantastic characters.

We have included this free mini comic to take you to the adventure world of our friends Superman, Batman, Flash, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman (La Mujer Maravilla) and Hawkman.' (Not translated) 'Collect them all and recreate their feats.

Importante notice: Soon, new characters and surprises. Keep your eyes open!'"

I love seeing unusual stuff like this, and Shag and I will definitely try to cover the foreign versions when we do a second F&W episode about the Super Powers line. Until then, thanks for the info Hector and welcome to F.O.A.M.!

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