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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Splash Pages: Aquaman #55

Today is another installment of Splash Pages, and this one's a doozy!

This is from Aquaman #55, and is by, of course, the legendary Jim Aparo. I love the frenetic, off-kilter feel of this page, as the Sea King is reduced to sub-atomic size and travels to another dimension. The first panel is all science-y and hard angles, the second is just the opposite. And the colors really bring it to life. Simply gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Rob. Love the juxtaposition of the rational world next to the psychedelic fantasy feeling within the ring.

Andy Luckett

Joseph Brian Scott said...

It's beautiful! And Mera looks like she's doing a facepalm; she's all like, "What?! You think it's a good idea to shrink yourself down and go inside a piece of gaudy costume jewellry? I HAD to marry a superhero."

rob! said...

"He's going to run into that loser Ray Palmer, I just know it."

Unknown said...

This is a true thing of beauty.Psychedelic Aparo!

James Chatterton