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Friday, May 04, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day 2012 and with competition in the comic market hotter than ever, publishers are pulling out all the stops this year to offer readers engaging samples of their products in hopes of drawing fans (and their dollars) back on a regular basis.

DC Comics had a banner year in 2011 with its New 52 total brand relaunch and they hope to capitalize upon that success ever further this year by offering the
New 52 Special Edition to eager readers for exactly zero dollars! It features 1-2 page samples of the six new titles that comprise the New 52 Second Wave but that's not all -- there's also an all-new teaser story written by Aquaman's own Geoff Johns featuring art from DC all-stars including Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Gene Ha & more!

We won't say too much about it, but word is that the enigmatic Pandora is up to something veeeeery mysterious...and its going set the stage for the DCU at large for some time to come. Oh, and someone who fans of Justice League Detroit will remember may just show up as well...

If that's not enough to wet your appetite, you can also get the Official Free Comic Book Day 2012 T-shirt featuring this awesome Jose Luis Garcia Lopez-inspired Justice League drawn by the ultra-talented Jim Lee (boy, he's a busy guy)!
If your LCS doesn't have the shirt (or your size in stock) you can order it here on the FCBD website!

We hope you all have a great time and are asking you to give your favorite local comic shop a shout-out in our comments section and/or on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Comics, everybody!


Orin's dad said...

looking forward to FCBD! a shout out to my lcs: Comic Book University in indianapolis, IN! Best shop in town!

Joe Slab said...

I will be at Dreamscape Comics in Bethlehem PA!

Joe Slab

Anonymous said...

No participating stores in Hawai'i! Also, you can't order shirts from the website. Bummer. See, Rob, paradise isn't without its drawbacks.

Barry Fackler said...

That was me, Rob.

rob! said...

Still not convinced, Barry. :)

Orin's dad said...

OMG! Shag was right! VIBE?!?!?!?!?!