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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aquaman 101 Digital Comics Sale

Via DC Comics:

Aquaman ranks as one of the most recognizable superheroes in pop culture—standing beside the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. From his starring role on the long-running SUPER FRIENDS animated series to featured roles on JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and guest appearances on the hit SMALLVILLE television series and more, his successes are legion.
Take the plunge and read the thrilling adventures one of the DC Universe's most enduring characters with the DC Comics Digital AQUAMAN 101 Sale featuring 101 sensational issues for only 99 cents each!
Explore the King of the Seven Seas' early adventures as part of the Justice League, experience his epic battles with super villain Black Manta, his marriage to Mera, his exile from Atlantis and much, much more!

The 3-Day sale begins on 5/19/12!

Need some suggestions? Check out our recommendations from The Greatest Aquaman Stories Ever Told and be sure to leave us some words in the comments to let us know what you picked up!


Wings1295 said...


Joe Slab said...

There are some really great choices in this batch!

I can't wait to see how Craig Hamilton's art looks digitally on a back-lit screen!

Kudos to DC for finally getting this up!

Joe Huber said...

I received a belated iTunes card B-Day gift and was able to purchase quite a few of these to read on my iPad. Craig Hamilton's art looks FANTASTIC in the digital editions. I also picked up all of the issues from the 2003 run that they had available as well as "Time and Tide."

My only complaint is that when they went in to recolor More Fun #73 they changed the gloves to green. However, being able to read that issue in its entirety overshadowed that minor complaint!

Joe Slab said...

So only "Joes" commenting today???

Joe H. -- You are right, Hamilton's art shines digitally! American Tidal looks great too.

Anonymous said...

"His successes are legion." I like that. Damn right they are.

I'm looking into picking up a few of the '60s issues I'm missing, a couple early Adventure Comics and I don't think I have Wonder Woman 173.

And of course More Fun 73, but that goes without saying.

Andy Luckett

Kaz_NEETS said...

Finally picked up the Atlantis Chronicles in this sale. Really enjoyed it. Orin's namesake was my favorite character, and it was great to finally read what David referenced in the 1994 series.

Thanks for the heads up.