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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Justice League #8 - June 2012

Comics Weekend "Team Up: Green Arrow" by Geoff Johns, Carlos D'Anda, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado.

This issue of Justice League concerns with itself with the idea of a new member. And when you're talking about the first new member of the Justice League, you're always talking about...Green Arrow!:
The Justice League has defeated the android known as Amazo. As they are mopping up, Green Arrow arrives, claiming he was a vital part of the mission. When the League looks at him askance, he flips Amazo open, revealing an arrow shaft stuck in the android's back end.

Arrow is beaming with pride, but the League is less than impressed:
A week later, the League finds itself on another mission, and Green Arrow shows up yet again to help out. The opinion of Arrow from the League members range from non-committal (Flash, Wonder Woman) to downright hostile (Aquaman), but Arrow keeps plugging along like he's part of the team, even after the League once again leaves him behind.

Another week later, it happens again:
Green Arrow is met by Steve Trevor, who reveals he knows a lot about Arrow's life--including some potential unsavory elements. Arrow protests, saying he has changed and that the League needs him. He also admits he needs to be part of the League. Trevor offers Arrow the chance to be part of a different team, an offer Arrow accepts.

At the Watchtower, the debate over adding Green Arrow continues:
...to be continued!

After what I thought was a step back last issue, Justice League returns with something more lighthearted and fun--plus I've always been a sucker for "new member" stories.

I'm intrigued at the history Aquaman and Green Arrow have managed to accrue in the five years between Justice League #6 and this issue. Since the New 52 Hawkman is a very different character than the previous incarnation (at least the one that was in the JLA for all those years), it seems like Geoff Johns is using Aquaman in the role of Green Arrow's opposite number, the Serious Guy who will always be squabbling with the loose-lipped, cocky archer. If so, that will be fun to watch play out.

Another Justice League tradition being tweaked here is in the last three pages (drawn by the Aquaman team of Reis and Prado, a nice bonus!), where the Martian Manhunter is some sort of enemy, at least on the surface. I'm also looking forward to seeing MM brought into the JL fold, even if, for now, it's on less than friendly terms.


Jorge PR said...

I think it's soon for Oliver to be introduced. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it, but they should have diven the core team some time tog et to know each other and feel at ease with each other before some others joining in. Green Arrow shows just 1 or 2 numbers after Cyborg, and it kinda feels he's a part of the core group as well, especially because that's been the comics dynamics: each number marks the introduction of a new character. Had the main 7 appeared together in 1 to 3, it'd be ok, but not like this. Should we expect a new one already by #9 as well?

David J. Cutler said...

I actually enjoyed this issue, and the team dynamic. It's funny in 1-6, Aquaman was cocksure with a lot of swagger, and now he seems back to his old 70s self here. I legitimately enjoyed the back and forth between the team. Great surprise to see Reis and Prado in the latter half, too.

Russell said...

I guess I'm in the minority but I am not a fan of this book. What happened this issue? A great big NOTHING. We didn't even get to see them fight Amazo. It seems like Geoff Johns spends his time setting something up and then never deliverying. Bleh.