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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aquaman Under the Sea

The Shrine regularly gets photos from F.O.A.M. member Barry Fackler of Aquaman and Mera in their natural habitat; i.e. under the sea! (click the image to embiggen)

Barry hails from Hawaii, and he is a superb photographer. Every time he sends one of these beauties in it makes me want to buy a ticket to the 50th state. I wouldn't even need to bring my Aquaman stuff, since Barry has so much of it already!

You can see more of Barry's undersea photos (and read his thoughts on what he finds there) over on his cool blog, Diving the Kona Coast!

1 comment:

Kryschenn said...

Wow ... I'm getting my open water diver certification soon. I really have to make Kona a destination and see if I can get some shots like that too. :)