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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Aquaman Stock Art by Tom Grummett

Here's two pieces of mid-90s stock art by the underrated Tom Grummett, featuring Aquaman as he looked at the time, which of course necessitated the creation of some new stock pieces that could be used for merchandise.

I don't recall seeing these used all that much (I don't think the JLGL stuff was ever retired, even when the characters were looking very different), but a couple of them did show up in a DC Comics Scrapbook album, at the very least.

These were sent to me by Friend of the Shrine and all-around good egg Paul Kupperberg, under the email subject line, "Glub! Glub!" Thanks PK!


aquaman said...

I always thought this was the craziest Aquaman ever! The story of him getting his hand eaten by fish, the overtly fetishy outfit, the long hair and beard. Totally out there! IMHO

Wings1295 said...

I definitely don't miss this version. So happy with the Aquaman we have now!

AquaFan88 said...

I like all his incarnations, from classic to blue camoflague suit to bearded harpoon/later cybernetic hand to mystical water hand to Batman: Brave and Bold, to modern day classic look using the trident.