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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Aquaman Shrine @ C2E2

While none of the Aquaman Shrine Staff was able to make it to C2E2 this year, F.O.A.M. member Luke Daab did, and was kind enough to do some reporting on it for us, tweeting various pics and videos over the weekend as the con progressed.

Below are some of Luke's photos:

Geoff Johns and Rod Reis at the DC Booth
"My first #Aquaman sighting! This girl looks great! Sons of Poseidon!"
"I could easily blow the rest of my budget at Rod Reis' table. Unsurprisingly, Rod was not quick to divulge any upcoming Aquaman secrets. Where is Aqualad will remain a mystery for now."

Luke and Rod Reis, and the Aqua-commission Rod did for Luke at the show!

Luke also posted pics of himself wandering the con floor, meeting some of famous faces that were there. Bedecked in an Aquaman t-shirt, this one is my favorite:
"I pity the fool who says Aquaman is lame!"

Luke also took some videos, featuring Johns and Reis talking Aquaman:

As if that wasn't enough, here's audio of Geoff Johns talking Aquaman at the DC New 52 panel:

We sincerely thank Luke for all his extra leg (fin?) work, giving all of us who didn't get the chance to go to C2E2 a glimpse of what is was all about. We hereby grant Luke the highest honor The Aquaman Shrine can bestow:



Anthony said...

Nice stuff...

I was at C2E2 Saturday, but didn't see the person dressed as Aqualad. I did see a smaller girl dressed as Aquaman, though. (Didn't get a photo...)

Designer Daddy said...

Wow, that "sketch" is breathtaking.

Mike Travis said...

On Saturday, that Aqualad was Jay Garrick's Flash.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

There it is! I see the amazing panel framed of Aquaman pulling the boat to safety in the rough seas! That should be hanging in the lobby of DC Comics! It should also be hanging in my house! WANT!

The Irredeemable Shag