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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adventure Comics #178 - July 1952

Comics Weekend "The Return of Captain Flint!" by George Kashdan(?) and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

I like how Smallville has a five-lane highway in the middle of town. And they have Open Carry laws there, as well--kind of a dangerous place to live, really.

Anyway, this month, the King of the Seven Seas takes on a supervillain! Sort of:
Aquaman gets attacked by "Captain Flint", who is fearsomely brandishing a rubber sword. The Sea King humors the deluded actor for a while, intending to check back with the doctor to how much longer this has to go on.

But as we see, the doctor and Captain Flint are in cahoots, and that this is all a plan! Aquaman, not knowing any of this, agrees to walk the plank upon the orders of Captain Flint:
...and with that, so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

Okay, so I lied--Captain Flint isn't a supervillain at all; he's an ineffectual bad guy whose plan falls away with only a slight outlay of effort by Aquaman. Why does the Sea King keep getting involved with the movie industry? It never really works out for him. Ever.

As far as I know, Captain Flint never returned. Considering how bland so many of Aquaman's villains were from this time, I would have had him get conked on the head for real, so the guy really did think he was an old-timey pirate, sailing the seven seas looking to rob and pillage. He would have been at least as good a bad guy as Black Jack.


Anthony said...

Again, wonder why the move away from recurring villains to the series of one-shot foes during the 50s?

Re: Superboy: A five-lane highway for a one-horse town? :-p The plot: a crooked professor has a class of Smallville students wear lead masks as part of a phony telepathy experiment, in an attempt to learn Superboy's secret identity.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I see your point, rob, but I actually kind of like the way this story subverts expectations; the plot of the character who gets a cool brain injury and thinks he's someone else--usually some sort of historical villain--requiring the other characters to humor him until he recovers, had been done more than once in the GA. The criminal hoax angle still strikes me as rather fresh. But what was everyone afraid of--that Aquaman would drown?

rob! said...

Anthony--Yeah, I wonder why they were so determined to create a new villain every week? Seems like extra work.

JBS--I don't mean that my idea should have been done IN PLACE of this story, I mean I would have brought the character back, having turned him into a "real" pirate. I actually liked this story quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

I don't think Ramona Fradon was particularly inspired by this story. The art is missing some of her customary verve to my eyes.

Who would think that Black Jack would be missed so much?

IWhy does Aquaman keep getting involved with the movie industry? "Cause it pays! Most likely, they're stringing him along. "Yeah baby, The Aquaman Story is just about ready to go into production! Just need to revise that script one more time. In the meantime, how about you and your pals working security for this pirate picture...." He's had this line fed to him from everyone from Louis B. Mayer to James Cameron. And still no picture.

James Chatterton