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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Others Assembled!

Before meta-humans took on public identities as super-heroes, the man who would become Aquaman--Arthur Curry--was a part of an international group of adventurers each possessing a golden relic of great power...known so far only as "The Others." Their story has been kept shrouded in secrecy -- until now: Aquaman #7 (out March 28th) kicks off an multi-issue arc introducing the newest character creations by the amazing team of Geoff Johns, Joe Prado & Ivan Reis to the DC Universe! Take a look as we've assembled all the original designs for The Others here in one place (they debuted one-per-day on DC's Source blog last week)!

Kahina the Seer
The most elegant and stunning member of The Others...originally from Tehran, the Seer was once the conscience of The Others. The Seer has been inactive for the last few years, her whereabouts and activities unknown to Aquaman. Until now.

His identity is clouded by the mysterious powers he gained after his fellow soldiers were killed. The shackles he wears are golden like Aquaman’s trident, but a source of another power. When we meet Prisoner-Of-War he is a far cry from the man he once was…or will be.

The Operative
His exact country of origin is unknown but the Operative appears to have deep connections to every government on Earth. Other than Aquaman, the Operative is the only member of The Others to have never gone into hiding.

The man known as Vostok-X was genetically designed to be the perfect cosmonaut. Heightened endurance, enhanced strength and intelligence and most importantly to the scientists overseeing the project, he was psychologically programmed through intense experimentation to embrace human isolationism. Vostok-X has not been seen for years.

She is a member of the Tapirape, an indigenous tribe of Brazil living in deep in the Amazon rainforest, she has a jaguar, she has a unique power and she has a connection with Aquaman that isn't going to make Mera very happy.

For the first chapter in their story, pick up Aquaman # 7 later this month!


Straight To DVD said...

Prisoner Of War looks quite interesting...

Wings1295 said...

Interesting team and idea - gives Aquaman quite a new recurring supporting cast, eh?

Andy Luckett said...

Very cool!

I'm getting more and more intrigued by this storyline the more I see of it. The idea of Aquaman working with (and maybe leading?) another team of heroes pre-Justice League is a bold step forward and a pretty original idea for Aquaman as a character.

I like the fact that none of these characters seem explicitly tied to water or the oceans other than Arthur, and that tease about Ya'Wara and Aquaman's "connection" piques my interest as well. Here's hoping Geoff Johns and the art team really knock this one out of the park. Bring on March 28th!

Kryschenn said...

If that "connection" between Arthur and Ya'Wara was anything like a romantic affair, well, that's exactly where I was hoping this *wouldn't* go. Other than that, I'm very curious to see where Johns will be taking us with this arc.