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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Fire and Water Podcast: Episode 14

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

This time around Shag and I welcome a special guest, fellow comics blogger Diabolu Frank! Frank runs a Martian Manhunter blog (as well as several other blogs), so he’s the ideal candidate to help us cover the penultimate adventure of the Satellite-era JLA, "War of the Worlds -- 1984!" Buckle up and prepare for Firestorm, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter to save the world!

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Be sure to visit Frank’s blogs:
IDOL-HEAD OF DIABOLU, a Martian Manhunter blog - http://idol-head.blogspot.com
JUSTICE LEAGUE DETROIT - http://justiceleaguedetroit.blogspot.com
DC BLOODLINES - http://dcbloodlines.blogspot.com
POWER OF THE ATOM - http://themightymite.blogspot.com
DIANA PRINCE AS THE NEW WONDER WOMAN - http://new-wonder-woman.blogspot.com
…NURGH… - http://nurgh.blogspot.com

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Outro music by Daniel Adams and The Bad Mamma Jammas!

Thanks for listening! Fan the Flame, Ride the Wave, and Misrepresent the Martian!


Wings1295 said...

Cool! Can't wait to listen in.

Diabolu Frank said...

01:55 i·ras·ci·ble

03:28 Not only did Shag get it right, but I mispronounced it later on. Oh, butter irony!

04:35 I can't speak for anyone else, but I was certainly sick of my own voice by the end of this. I must have an echo chamber directly behind my nose. I sound like a coked-up southern fried Mr. Snuffleupagus.

04:57 "Aphorism" is the word of the day. I've never heard it in conversation before.

07:35 No wait, "vestigial" is the word of the day.

11:42 Another reason I went with "DC Bloodlines" was the sense of history and legacy that was set on the curb by DC itself back in September.

13:00 Seriously, is Diabolu Frank an alias for Milhouse Van Houten? Maybe if I didn't talk so much, I wouldn't be audibly gargling salivary backwash.

31:56 What the ding? It reminds me of those old cartoons where a boxer goes nuts every time a bell rings.

33:29 Or not. They're brothers. There.

37:00 Rob offers an excellent No-Prize save, but part of the reason I also failed to realize the characters are floating in space is that the perspective is still wonky and inconsistent.

42:00 I loved the ribbing on Elongated Man. Oh, Ralph.

45:50 I have no mental frame of reference for that scene from Phantom Menace. I haven't watched it since the theatrical run, and God has graced me with these lovely bits of amnesia.

54:30 I love the Hawks' hero voices.

Arthur Canning said...

LOVE #14 ..funny ..funny..

Sphinx Magoo said...

This was a fun episode. I've been going back in time and listening to old episodes, and this was one of my favorites. Martian Manhunter is also a favorite character of mine and to hear Diabolu Frank offer some MM commentary was great. If DF could come back again wearing other hats (his Atom hat, his JL Detroit hat, his DC Bloddlines hat, etc.) for future episodes, I would really enjoy it.

If I could offer my commentary on these JLA issues as an older fan who read these issues when they came out...
JLA was in a bit of a slump after George Perez left. At least to me it was. Perez was devoting so much time to Teen Titans (maybe even to New Teen Titans as well?), that he had to leave JLA after leaving a really incredible mark in such a short time. I remember picking up these particular JLA issues without much enthusiasm and hoping I'd be surprised to find Perez back at the artist desk...

Anyway, keep up the great work.