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Friday, March 09, 2012

Aquaman Sales - February 2012

Hey Aqua-Fans, check it out! Once again Aquaman landed in the Top 10 of Previews' sales list, and once again outsold every single Marvel title!

Even better than that is Aquaman is still climbing--last month issue #5 landed at the the #10 spot, and this month it made it to #9!

Congrats to DC, and most especially to the creative team of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis, and everyone involved!


Designer Daddy said...

Do we know how this compares to previous Aquaman series?

r duncan said...

Oh, Flash. We're coming for you.

Andy Luckett said...

So only Justice League, Green Lantern, Flash and Batman/Superman titles are outselling Aquaman? That's what I like to see. About time he's up there with the other DC Universe pillars. Next month: Flash and that mouthy Hal Jordan take a dive! :P

rob! said...

@DD--I don't have access to those figures (yet!), but I am sure this is Aquaman's best selling series, probably ever, in terms of his ranking among DC's titles.

In terms of # of copies, nothing will match the 1960s, when his book was selling 200-300,000 copies every issue. But of course that was when Superman and Batman were selling half a million, maybe more.

@Rick and Andy--I like that attitude!

Wings1295 said...


Jared M. said...

"Whoa! Don't slip up or get got! (Why not man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Alright)
Rappers swearin they on top! (Nuh uh, uh uh)
But I'm comin' for they number one spot! (Alright man)
Scheme scheme, plot plot (say WHAT?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Woo, hey)
Keep it goin it won't stop! (What you doin man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot!"