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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Aquaman Nominated For Eagle Awards!

The final round of nominations for The Eagle Awards have been announced, and Aquaman is all over the place! The Aqua-related categories are:

Favorite American Comic: Aquaman

Favorite New Comic: Aquaman

Favorite Single Story: Aquaman #4

Favorite Cover: Aquaman #1

Favorite Reprint Compilation: Death of A Prince

Favorite Writer: Geoff Johns

Favorite Penciler: Ivan Reis

Favorite Colorist: Rod Reis

...The Aquaman Shrine did not make the final round in the category of Favorite Comic Book News Site, but what the hey, you can't win 'em all.

Speaking of winning, as excited as I am to see all the Aquaman noms, I have to admit I was even more thrilled to see my daily webcomic, Ace Kilroy, has made it to the final round and was nominated for Favorite Web-Based Comic (Category #19)! Considering we launched Ace just a few months ago, getting this kind of attention is immensely flattering.

You can head on over to the Eagle Awards site here, and click through to the survey page. Once you submit your votes, a confirmation email will be sent. You have to click on that email for your votes to be counted. Make sure you complete this final step so your votes are registered!

Voting has opened today and runs until April 2, so please go visit the Eagle Awards page and vote for Aquaman, Geoff, Ivan, Rod, and Ace Kilroy!


Wings1295 said...

Voted - Quite a presence for Aquaman! And kudos on the Kilroy nom!

Designer Daddy said...

Also done! I voted an Aquaman straight ticket, except for best penciller. I'm just in love with J.H. Williams III's work on Batwoman. Would love to see him guest on Aquaman after seeing how awesome the "Hydrology" story was in Batwoman.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I voted for you as well; good luck guys!

Diabolu Frank said...

It was unfair to pit you against news sites as a fan blog, but I'm sure the Ace Kilroy nod more than makes up for it. Congratulations!

rob! said...


I agree; it's not exactly fair the Shrine went up against Newsarama and the alike, but them's the breaks.

And yes, Ace Kilroy getting the nod is, frankly, much more important to me. The Shrine being more popular would be great, but it really wouldn't affect daily operations.

But if AK won, it would REALLY put us on the map. I've already seen we DOUBLED our daily average of readers, less than 24 hrs after the noms were announced.

Kryschenn said...

I voted!

Andy Luckett said...

I put my votes in; a clean sweep for Aquaman, his creative team, and Ace Kilroy. Here's hoping Aquaman wins all these categories, but I definitely hope you win for Ace, rob, you deserve it for such fantastic and consistent work.

Best of luck, buddy!