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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mera Word Search!

Courtesy Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage comes this Mera-centric Word Search Puzzle! Here are the words to find:

Amazo (super-villain Mera & Aquaman fought just before he quit the JLA)
Aquagirl (Tula's Public Identity)
Aqualad (Garth's Public Identity)
Aquaman (Husband's Public Identity)
Aquawoman (What people call her, mistakenly)
Arthur Jr (Mera's Beloved Son)
Atlantis (Their one-time undersea home)
Black Manta (The murderer of her child)
Bob Haney (Writer of many classic Mera stories)
Deadman (Helped Mera rescue Aquaman from another dimension)
Dick Giordano (Editor of the classic "Search for Mera" story-line)
Dolphin (Rival for her husband's affections)
Don Newton (Classic Mera Artist)
Garth (Aqualad's True Identity)
Hila (Mera's Sister)
Jack Miller (Mera's Creator)
Jim Aparo (Classic Mera Artist)
Juan Ortiz (Artist on Mera's first solo feature)
Mike Grell (Classic Mera Artist)
Narkran (Atlantean who kidnapped Mera)
Nick Cardy (Mera's First Artist)
Noble (Rival for her affection)
Ocean Master (Mera's Brother in Law)
Oceanus (Would-be Conqueror from Mera's dimension)

Paul Kupperberg (Writer of Mera's first solo feature)
Quisp (Water Sprite who helped Mera when she first came to Earth)
Ramona Fradon (Artist drew Mera in Super Friends)
Salty (The Aqua Dog)
Siren (Mera's Arch Foe from her home dimension)
Steve Skeates (Writer of the classic SAG run on Aquaman)
Tula (Aquagirl's True Identity)
Vixen (JLA member instrumental in getting Aquaman to reunite with Mera)
Vulko (Their Trusted Advisor)
Wonder Woman (Friend who fought Mera in Blackest Night)

Answers next Sunday!


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