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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mera Trivia!

Step right up Aqua-fans and test your knowledge of everybody's favorite Queen of the Seas -- Mera!

The rules are simple: the first person to post all ten correct answers in the comments section wins a super-groovy copy of Aquaman #18 (a significant issue in comics history as recently iterated by our good friend Paul Ku
pperberg)! Answers in the comments will be accepted but not visible between 9:03 am EST and 8:03 pm EST (DEADLINE EXTENDED) at which time comments received will be visible, the post will be updated with the correct answers and the identity of the lucky winner revealed!

The Aquaman Shrine maintains the right to judge all entries based on the degree to which they accurately satisfy questions (so be as specific as possible) and the decision of the judges shall be binding & final (how's that for some small print?). OK, here we go!

1. Mera's home-world, originally referred to as Dimension Aqua, was notably distinct from Aquaman's undersea home in that it lacked what?

2. Superman & Mera have what weakness in common that blocks certain aspects of their powers?

3. During Blackest Night, Mera faced off individually against Black Lantern versions of 4 of her former DCU female peers...name them!

4. During the epic "Search for Mera" story-line, Mera was revealed to have been kidnapped by what nefarious undersea villain?

5. Elena Satine is the answer...what is the question?

6. Current
Aquaman writer Geoff Johns likens his portrayal of Mera to that of a female character from a hit 2007 fantasy-action film: name the character & the film.

7. Mera was created by what two creators?

8. Blue or green?

9. What Aquaman writer described Mera as "a woman from the world of dark gods"?

10. Where did Mera (without Aquaman) meet the deadly Manta Men?

Update: To give our West Coast fans some extra time, we have extended the deadline of the contest to 8pm EST. So if you were planning to try and answer the quiz, you still have some time!



Wings1295 said...

Ok, gonna fail big time, but here goes nothing:

1. Land

2. Lack of sunlight?

3. Wonder Woman, Tula, Dolphin and Hawkgirl

4. The Fisherman

5. no freakin clue

6. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider?

7. damn, I should know this

8. Green

9. Peter David

10. Sea World?

Is there a booby prize?

r duncan said...

1. Land (and Hostess Fruit Pies.)
2. Lead blocks x-ray vision and Mera's powers.
3. Tula, Dolphin, Wonder Woman, and Jean Loring.
4. Narkran.
5. Who played Mera on Smallville?
6. Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes on Transformers.
7. Jack Miller, Nick Cardy.
8. Blue eyes.
9. Peter David.
10. Hostess Fruit Pie ad.

Ospahi said...

1. Mera comes from Xebel aka Dimension Aqua where she can make water constructs and Aquaman can not do that in Atlantis.

2. They are both vulnerable to lead.

3. Aquaman, Tula, Dolphin and Tempest

4. Narkran was the one who kidnapped Mera

5. Who is the actress that played Mera on smallville.

6. The movie 300, Queen Gorgo

7. Created by Nick Cardy and Jack Miller.

8. I don't really understand this one but I'm going to say green because Mera is wearing Green as her outfit.

9. Alan Kistler wrote that about her "He will produce a child with a woman from the world of the dark gods ."

10. In a Hostess fruit pie ad.


Jacob Atom said...

1) land
3) Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Tula, Dolphin
4)Thanatos (?)
5)What actress portrayed Mera in "Smallville"?
6)Lena Headey (queen gorga?)
9)Peter David (Atlantis Chronicles?)
10)in the 1960's cartoon

Jacob Atom Reilly