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Friday, February 03, 2012

Aquaman Sales - January 2012

Hey Aqua-Fans, check it out! Aquaman is increasing in sales every month! In October the book was #18, in December the book was at #14, and this month it's at #10!

Congrats all around to DC and specifically the Aqua-Team of Johns, Reis, Prado, and Reis!


Wings1295 said...


r duncan said...

That is super-impressive. At first I thought surely this is just a list of the Top DC books. Quite a coup for DC.

As for Aquaman's reaching the Top 10, I credit the Shrine in large measure. I know G Johns claims to be a long time Aquaman fan and I'm sure he is. But I suspect without Rob's building up Aquaman's fan base and constantly increasing the character's profile, Aquaman would still be playing second fiddle to a dozen other DCU heroes.

Good job, Rob!

rob! said...

Welll...I appreciate the kudos, but I don't think the Shrine can claim that much credit. I like to think of us as Heimdall on the Rainbow Bridge, keeping the ship tight until reinforcements can arrive (and they did).

That said, we are swelling with pride over this increasingly-good sales figure...we always said if DC gave Aquaman a decent shot he'd succeed, and we were right!

r duncan said...

It's cool that Aquaman sold better than any other franchise in comics in January except for Batman, Superman, Flash, GL, and Justice League, which he is a member of. He's pretty close to the Flash in sales. Wonder if he can go higher? Maybe we should all buy 2 copies next month...;)

Christopher G said...

I love the fact that Aquaman out sold EVERY SINGLE MARVEL BOOK last month. I still can't believe it, but it's fantastic!

Anthony said...

Is this the highest-selling an Aquaman comic's ever been, or have there been even higher sales in the past? (Relative to other titles out at the same time, that is; imagine Aquaman's 60s title would easily outsell everything on here by sheer circulation numbers back then...).

James Guertin said...

Rob you may want to point out to someone in the next "Water & Fire" Pod cast. If you look at the whole list, that Savage Hawkman is out selling Firestorm!


Jared m. said...


Awesome! You go Arthur!!!!!