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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Aquaman and Mera Cosplay @ Wizard World New Orleans

These cosplay pictures of Aquaman and Mera at this year's Wizard World New Orleans Con made quite a splash a few days ago, as well they should--they are awesome!

The couple in question are John and Alys, and Alys was kind enough to send some additional pics of her and her hubby in costume:

...check out the cameo appearance of Salty The AquaDog (aka Calvin)!

John and Alys won the award for Best Group/Couple, and it's easy to see why: they look like they stepped right out of the current Aquaman series. Outrageous!

Alys had not heard of the Shrine before going to the con, and she told me that while at the show she was told about it by several con-going Aquaman fans. That prompted her to the send the pics in as application for membership in F.O.A.M. As you might imagine, application accepted!



ari said...

LOVE! I was going to make my costume from the same fabric. So awesome! I'm so jealous her husband agreed to be Aquaman! I told mine I'm just going to have to find my own Aquaman :D

Richard said...

Who would ever have guessed making the outfits shiny would lead to such a renaissance in cosplay? And the current status of Arthur and Mera as equal partners in a duo (much as Katar and Shayera Hol used to be, or Bulletman and Bulletgirl even earlier) makes them that much more attractive to costumed couples.

Wings1295 said...

Wonderful pics & amazing costumes! And they are posing perfectly, regal and proud!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I have nothing else to add. Awesome!


The Toyroom said...

Absolutely, positively perfect!

Shester said...


Alys said...

Thanks everyone! We had a wonderful time at the con. The best part was meeting so many Aquaman fans! There was a huge outpouring of love for Aquaman, which made us so happy. We only had 2 hecklers but they were so cute I couldn’t get mad; they wanted to know why Aquaman didn’t help out during the BP oil spill. :)I said it was because he didn’t want any sea life to be endangered. At the costume contest, contestants were allowed to give speeches so hubby did in the style of the Aquaman from “Batman: the Brave and the Bold”. I really want to get my hands on a video of it. I am really glad I was directed to this site but I’m probably spending far too much time looking at all the cool stuff! <3

Jared McGrath said...


Anonymous said...

I was at the con last weekend and have to say, the costumes looked even better in person! Plus, these two couldn't have been nicer about it. I caught them on my way out while they were having a drink and taking a break from the convention, but they still didn't mind when I asked for a picture. I also saw them taking pictures with a ton of kids. The whole thing was fantastic and I have to thank this couple for it. (My only gripe is that the next day they came as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, haha.)

c´żśnical said...

Alys, I'm so glad to see you guys found the site (I was the guy that wore the Aquaman hoodie on Sunday)!

I can't tell you guys how awesome it was to see the sea King and Queen represented at the con. Rob will rag me for it, but I was pretty stoked when you guys came back on Sunday with your other costumes. I'm an even bigger Green Lantern fan than I am an Aquafan. ;)

CHILL said...

Just stumbled across these cosplay of Aquaman and Mera...WOW...!!! Hollywood should take notice. Aquaman's golden yellow top looks regal. WOW...awesome job guys.