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Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Panel of the Day #359



Bubbashelby said...

"My Power Ring will create a tombstone for Batman that will last for ages!"

Yeah, unlike traditional marble that...you know...lasts for ages.

Earth 2 Chris said...

But can it give Flash his chest symbol back? Or give Batgirl yellow gloves. Of course it can't!!!


r duncan said...

I'm pretty sure that (Worlds Finest, whatever issue) was the first comic book I ever bought. I think I collected po pbottle from around the neighborhood and turned them in for cash to by it.

r duncan said...

Yow. Let me try that again...I think I collected pop bottles from around the neighborhood and turned them in for cash to buy it.

That's better.

Russell said...

Is this the same issue as yesterday's Random? This looks like it was drawn by Curt Swan & Jack Abel today.

rob! said...

Bubba--Do not mock Hal Jordan and his shaky knowledge of earth materials.

E2 Chris--Flash is so sad he took his emblem off. Barry claims it felt more "respectful."


Russell--No, this is from a DIFFERENT story where Batman bites it. I loved running both panels in a row like that.

Earth 2 Chris said...

You can get both of theses stories in "The Strange Deaths of Batman" TPB released a few years back. Flash even got his chest symbol restored for that panel!