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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Name That Aquadog Contest, FINAL!

The results are in, and the winner of the Name That Aquadog Contest is...Salty!

It was a tough race, with many good suggestions all earning varying levels of support. With over 350 votes cast, it was one of our most popular polls!

In the end, "Salty" won out ("Buoy" running a very close second). "Salty" was first suggested by F.O.A.M.er Simone Mularkey, and her reasoning "...as in a salty sea-dog" proved too good to resist.

Simone's prize for coming up with the winning entry is a copy of, appropriately enough, Capstone Books' DC Super-Pets: Heroes on the High Seas!

The Shrine has already tweeted the winning name to DC Comics and Geoff Johns, so if Aquadog doesn't end up being named "Salty", don't blame us!

Thanks to all who entered, and congrats to Simone for submitting the winning name!


Wings1295 said...

Be cool to see if he actually does use the name!

jim said...

Yea!!! Go Salty!! (Of course, I voted for him. lol)

Forgot to ask earlier, does Salty have any fishy powers?? Can he breathe water, swim faster than a guppy, have teeth like a shark, play canasta with sea urchins, etc.???

Derek said...

You know they plot & script books like 6 months out to keep production on schedule? ist not like theyre sitting around the DC offices without a name for a character and quick need to name it before the next issue comes out. Just sayin'

rob! said...

Yeah, uh, I think we know that. The "Name That Aquadog" contest is not meant to be legally binding. Its just a silly little contest.

jim said...

It was good fun. Thanks!!

James Guertin said...

I suppose calling him "Firestorm" is out of the question?

Though you have to admit seeing Aquaman in a panel saying; "Rollover Firestorm! Speak Firestorm Speak." would be very very funny.