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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Mera's Birthday!

According to the 1976 DC Comics Calendar (a binding authority if there ever was one) today is Mera's birthday, just a mere two days after her husband's! So today is the perfect time to announce that February is "Mera Month" here on the Aquaman Shrine!

During "Mera Month", we'll be featuring all sorts of Mera-centric posts, Top 10 Mera Moments, Mera Random Panels, some original art, and more, culminating with the release of Aquaman #6, the solo Mera adventure!

So come back tomorrow and help us celebrate DC's Queen of the Seven Seas!


Wings1295 said...

Happy Birthday Mera & here's to a great month ahead!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was wondering where you got a date from! Happy Birthday, Mera! An Aquarius!

r duncan said...

Mera Month! Great idea, Rob!

r duncan said...

Who would have thought going out for dog food would lead to a solo Mera story and getting her own month on the Shrine?

Don't forget that Mera was in some of the Aquaman Filmation cartoons.

rob! said...

@Joe--Thx, it should be fun!

@Kenn--The 1976 DC Comics Calendar knows all.

@Rick--Credit Where Credit's Due Dept: MM was Joe Slab's idea.

And yes, Filmation will be in the mix!

Joe Slab said...

JUST WAIT until you guys see what rob! has in store for tomorrow -- you won't even recognize the Shrine anymore!!!

Plus a teaser for our faithful commenters' eyes only:

The Top 10 Most Memorable Mera Moments in comics history!


r duncan said...

Can't wait. I'll be here at 12:03. But I don't get the "teaser," Joe. Rob already mentioned the "Top 10 Mera Moments" in his post.

I wonder if you guys will have the Bottom 10, least memorable Mera moments, too. I can think of a few. ;)

aquaman said...

one of my Favs of all time. LOVE her!

Russell said...

Can hardly wait!! :-)