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Thursday, January 26, 2012

DC Super Friends My Busy Book

Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage sent in these scans of a DC Super Friends: My Busy Book, which is an over-sized book-and-toy set that comes with mini-plastic figures (see above) and a book that doubles as a series of interactive playsets.

sgI love the detailing of these figures--even though they're tiny, you can see Aquaman here has got scales, the yellow "A" belt, the whole thing!

This is really cool little set, the kind of thing I would have gone nuts for as a kid, and then paid a ton of money for years later on eBay.

Thanks Russell!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool! Great idea for future Aqua-fans!

Jorge PR said...

Well Rob, it actually IS on e-bay, for only 30 bucks you get the book, the playmat and all 12 figures.

Randy said...

Check out Barnes and Noble. The one near where I work has like 3 of them in the remainders section. Less than 10 bucks.

Anonymous said...

Great, another figure I need to find ^_^

Andy Luckett said...

Haha I agree with my fellow Andy. More for the collection!

Conner Kent said...

Just scored it for $9.98 at Barnes & Noble - thanks for the tip! It was located at the entrance to the Children's book section in the Bargain Books.

Russell said...

Yep, I got mine at B&N for less than $10. One for me and one for my buddy's son. :-)
Go to B&N if you have one nearby and buy them all and then sell 'em on ebay, haha!

Russell said...

...and no offense to Arthur, but I think Krypto is my favorite. He's just adorable!!!

O. Douglas Jennings said...

I picked one up too (at B&N). Great fun! I like your photos. I posted a pic of the figure on my flicker site.