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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aquaman on the Web: IGN's Best of 2011

IGN has tallied the votes in its "Best of 2011" poll, and Aquaman came in at #3.

While the Shrine is of course disappointed he and it didn't make it to #1, the Sea King nevertheless had a great showing, beating out such stiff competition as Detective Comics, Justice League, and Amazing Spider-Man.

A heart congrats to Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis for creating such a fan-favorite book right from the start!


Jorge PR said...

Where does it say that he made it to #3? Can't find it :(

rob! said...

They've since changed that page and removed the list. :( Aquaman did come in at #3, tho, we promise!

Wings1295 said...

Good showing, indeed!

Shellhead said...

Anybody know who beat him? I.E. who was #1 and #2? Just curious if it's anything I read.

Joe Slab said...

The Top 5 out of 32 nominations were:

Uncanny X-Force
Detective Comics
Wonder Woman


Jorge PR said...

Lol I believe you Rob; it's just that it was weird for me not to find the info. Thanks Joe!