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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aquaman Art Gallery: J. Cowan

I thought we'd run lots of original Aquaman fan art today, so here's another piece, by artist J.Cowan--a redesigned Aquaman costume! I like the retention of the classic color scheme, but rearranged to give Arthur (or whoever this is) a sleeker look. Also, I have to imagine this super-skin-tight outfit would help retain Aquaman's sizable female and gay fan base!

You can find more of JC's work on his deviantART page. Thanks J!


Wings1295 said...

Wow. That gives skin-tight a new meaning!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

That's Lee Majors in the never-realized Aquaman made-for-tv series pilot-movie; it was eventually scrapped and instead we got "Man From Atlantis."

Shawn said...

LOL - you're right - I LOVE the costume!

- Shawn