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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Adventure Comics #156 - Sept. 1950

Comics Weekend "Aquaman Versus the Sea!" by Don Cameron and John Daly.
It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman fights a foe that he never expected...the sea itself!

Of course, Aquaman isn't really in trouble--its the work of his finny friends, who try and slow him down so he doesn't swim away with the race.

As some of the other contestants take the lead, Hartwick cheats to slow them down, as well. Kathie hits an electrified noose(!), which knocks her out:
...and with that, so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

Aquaman really needs to stop signing contracts willy-nilly. He seems to constantly get hoodwinked, bamboozled, or flim-flammed by one crook or another. Wouldn't it have been easier to grab some pearls off the ocean floor and turn around and sell them, and then use that cash to donate to the charity, so everyone can skip going through this whole silly race?

Anyway, another fine art job by John Daly, solidly colored. I particularly love the splash page!


r duncan said...

What? No snarky Superboy comments? Oh well.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I really liked this one. Unlike a lot of its contemporaries, the events of this story played out in a satisfyingly logical way...well, for the most part; did the "sinister yachtsman" really think he could stand on his boat and SHOOT at the competitors and still be allowed to collect the money? What's that ye say? He did?

Anthony said...

Fun story, but yes, Aquaman could use a lawyer for his contract-handling...

Re: Superboy: the plot actually ties into the cover's theme (sort of): Superboy helps a flight museum owner fight off crooks (using his museum as a hideout) and regain the courage to fly.

Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

"And Now...Presenting The Losers!"

Say what you will about Black Jack, but did he ever give away a plan by talking to himself? I think Hartwick's brand of incompetence will be a hard act to follow.

Props to Aquaman's pals! I love the panel where he asks for advice from the wise old turtle and whale. True heroes had respect for their elders in the golden age. Not like these punks today.

Crochety ol' James Chatterton