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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Adventure Comics #154 - July 1950

Comics Weekend "Aquaman's Sea Circus" by George Kashdan and John Daly.
It's Adventure Sunday!

As Superboy performs something altogether alien to this generation, Aquaman gets involved in a circus...what, again?

Aquaman pretends to go along with this jamoke's nasty plan, and becomes the main attraction of the circus. The first act involves singing fish (some of them with little hats tied to their heads...no, really), the second a swordfish duel, the third flying fish and the trapeze, and much more--all of it completely insane.

Aquaman is brought on for the grand finale:
...and with that, so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

If this story seems familiar, it is--Aquaman ran his own circus in Adventure #128's "The Sea Circus." Back in the day, the circus was much more of a mainstream form of entertainment, so I guess repeating the basic idea wasn't that big a deal. I actually liked this story a lot more, because Aquaman is dedicated to saving the lives of his finny friends, an angle I always enjoy being explored.

Surface Dwellers never seem to tire of Aquaman headlining some form of For Profit entertainment--whether it be a circus, a movie, or a TV show. Then how come he could never land a cover of a cruddy comic book?!?

One last thing: starting with Adventure Comics #152, Aquaman would alternate his slot in the book with The Shining Knight (nothing against SK, but...boo!). This would continue for a year or two until Aquaman reclaimed the space all to himself.


Anthony said...

Yeah, guess the circus was more popular back then. Besides the shift in types of entertainment available, I wonder if the "OMG Clowns R Scary" notion Hollywood entertainment's beaten into the ground in the past few decade's not helped (says the guy who grew up with Bozo on Chicago-area TV, so never bought into that...).

Re: Superboy: The plot: Superboy helps a "mermaid" and her Dad when Superboy finds a crook plaguing a carnival boat.

Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

Prof. Druten appears to be a much more credible villain than poor ol' Black Jack. His plot is all bonkers, but in a cold-blooded, methodically bonkers way. I give him points for having the tenacity to send out 2000 bottles. And dig that crazy radar screen!

Daly and the colorist still impress me. Page 2, panel 3 is particularly nice.

James Chatterton