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Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #337



Anonymous said...

Is this from that very dimly -remembered Capt. Comet vs. Dinosuars special in the 70's?

James Chatterton

rob! said...

Yep, its from DC Special #27. I just love the line about "legitimate heroes." :)

Hey JC, where's your comment for yesterday's Adventure Sunday?!?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rob, I was running late. I blame the holidays. I had DC Sp. #27 as a kid. Who could resist?

As an aside: I discovered your cool John Carter site, and am about halfway through it now. It inspired me to re-read A Princess of Mars. Thanks.

James Chatterton

rob! said...


Ha! No problem, I missed you!

Glad you like the JC site, sorry I haven't updated it in forever.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

The incredible dinosaur invasion of 1977! And the equally incredible mystery of how Superman became so gigantic.

Russell said...

This is weird I *just* saw this on my shelf the day before yesterday. Cool but stupid story.