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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Justice League #4 - Feb. 2012

Comics Weekend "Part Four" by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams.

As this cover seems to suggest, Aquaman is in this issue of Justice League!

After a few pages with Victor Stone--well on his way to becoming Cyborg--we rejoin the nascent Justice League as they are meeting the King of the Seven Seas for the first time. Aquaman is pretty much all business, and wants to know who's in charge. Batman suggests himself, much to Green Lantern's dismay:

Aquaman then takes out a whole gaggle (or is that pride?) of Para-Demons, in one of the most ghoulishly fun moments ol' Arthur has had in years:
...on Darkseid's life insurance policy claim forms, it will list these Para-Demons' demise as "Death by shark" and "Death by trident."

Suddenly, the air filled with bullets, as the U.S. Military gets involved. Steve Trevor tries to get them to stop, considering that his erstwhile girlfriend is down there, which only works to a small extent--i.e., they won't fire on Wonder Woman specifically.

The League tries to engage them as gently as possible, while we learn something about Green Lantern:
A Boom Tube opens up, dumping Cyborg (who had ended up in one earlier) out of it, where he lands at the feet of the Justice League. The other heroes try and figure who--what--this guy is. But before they can get any answers, another Boom Tube opens up, bearing an unpleasant visitor:
...I think we knew that. To be continued!

Of course, I loved the kelp out of this issue. Aquaman gets a major opening scene, and the whole shark-and-trident sequence is suitably grisly while still being fun (I mean, Para-Demons are like Stormtroopers or Nazis: you don't feel bad when the hero takes them out with Extreme Prejudice). Green Lantern gets some great lines, providing a nice comedic counterpoint to everyone else around him.

On a separate note, it'll be interesting (IMO), watching the new Cyborg develop. As far as I know, this is the only book he's in (at least for now), so I assume Geoff Johns will be in charge of whatever character development can be fit in amid all the action. One of the main themes of the original character, as conceived by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in The New Teen Titans, was how much of a "freak" Vic thought of himself as, since he looked so odd.

Well, of course, in the intervening thirty years, society has progressed and we now accept people with all sorts of non-organic alterations to their bodies, whether they be from war wounds or disease. In a world where we have people with prosthetic legs running in sporting events, will Vic feel so out of place? It'll be interesting to watch.

One last thought about this issue: the end of the book features a section of S.T.A.R. Labs employee dossiers (ah, I see S.T.A.R. is no better at security than they were in the old DCU), and old JLA fans will recognize some familiar names: Morrow, Ivo, etc. Looks like the new Justice League will be dealing with some other classic baddies soon...


Joseph Brian Scott said...

I wonder if the necklace becomes crucial to blowing up the impromptu citadel, somehow; dilithium crystals or somesuch.

Anonymous said...

I thought this issue was great. I'm really liking this series so far.

That said, one issue I do have is with the cover image. Aquaman's legs look distorted- disproportionate to his torso. And his physique on the cover doesn't match same in the interior art, imo.

Kind of reminded me of the Superman #1 cover except that there Superman's chest looks distorted and not proportionate to his arms.

BBNETMAN said...

With each issue the Justice League gets better. This looks like the best yet, can wait for it to be delivered to me. Aquaman looking down at green Lantern while being called "AquaFresh" was funny. The interior art is great. Good Aqua Stuff!

r duncan said...

For me it's a lttle odd to see Darkseid without Orion, Lightray, etc.

rob! said...

JBS- I see it being used to strangle a parademon!

Anon--Yeah, the anatommy is a tad wonky. Overall the image is so captivating I think it works, but if you look close...

BB--Yep, I've been enjoying this book. I think it'll be a blast once we have everyone on board and interacting.

Rick--Maybe they'll show up?

Jorge PR said...

Didn't anyone notice "Student: Ryan Choy" when Victor was becoming Cyborg?