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Thursday, December 22, 2011

DC Sampler #2: The New Justice League

As a kid, I absolutely adored the DC Sampler books, which were free 32-page comics given out that advertised all of DC's new titles, featuring tantalizing glimpses of new characters, new situations, new art...and in this case, a new Justice League of America!

My spotty memory tells me this was the first time I knew something big was happening with the JLA. I was, of course, thrilled to see Aquaman front and center, but who the heck were there other guys?

If you click the graphic to see a larger version, JLA fans will notice that Vixen is sporting a mask (something not seen in the actual book), and Vibe's skin color reminds one of the dreaded "Mego Molt." (Chu not bad, chu sad)


Earth 2 Chris said...

Maybe if I'd seen this sampler, JLA annual #3 wouldn't have made me cry like it did!

Gypsy has a sorta-mask too. Maybe they thought she looked too much like Ktty Pryde's Sprite costume and dumped it?

Vibe does have Mego Molt. That gray color was used for darker skinned characters a lot in the 80s as I recall. I never got that. Whose skin is gray? Other than zombies?

Man, Chuck Patton was good. I loved his JLA work. Too bad he didn't get to work with the original JLA long. And minus Batman!


rob! said...

Yeah, it would have been *amazing* to see Patton to a full on JLA book, with all the big names.

Joe Huber said...

Patton did. He penciled issues 221-223 that I know of, maybe more.

rob! said...

Joe--Of course he did--I was a little loose with my comment.

What I meant to say was, I would have loved to have seen Patton get a real shot at a long run at the classic JLA. He only got to do a handful of pre-Detroit stories, and none of them featured Batman. In my mind the JLA post-BATO is close to being the classic JLA, but not quite.

I should have been more precise, thanks for the correction!