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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Aquaman Shrine on Jim Aparo

Former DC editor Robert Greenberger, who pens a column for the Westfield Comics blog, put up a post today all about the legendary Jim Aparo. Bob was kind enough to ask me to contribute a quote about the man's work, since of course he had such a memorable run on the Sea King.

Click here to read the whole column, but here's the quote I sent to Bob: "Jim Aparo's work brought a sense of urgency and almost an film noir-ish feeling of danger to Aquaman, which was a perfect complement to the more high-stakes, character-driven scripts of Steve Skeates.

Aparo had important, memorable runs on Aquaman in both the '60s and the '70s (in Aquaman and Adventure Comics, respectively), cementing his reputation to many Aqua-Fans as the Aquaman artist, a tremendous accomplishment considering the Sea King has had many so fine artists illustrating his adventures.

He was one of Charlton's top talents, and when he moved on to DC he became of their top talents. Whether it be the jungle adventures of The Phantom, the groovy comedy of Tiffany Sinn, C.I.A. Agent, the fantasy world of Aquaman, or the gritty urban world of Batman, Aparo could handle any feature and make it distinctive."

Thanks Bob!

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