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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aquaman on the Web: Best Series of 2011?

IGN is running a poll concerning The Best Comic Book of Series of 2011. Among the choices you can vote for is Aquaman, so head on over there and vote for the work Johns, Reis, Prado, and Reis have been doing!

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Joe Slab said...

Wow! As a life-long Aquaman fan, I shouldn't be surprised but yet I am at AQUAMAN's inclusion on this list.

I guess I've been conditioned to expect the Sea King to be left out of things like this as he has been so often in the past.

Just the fact that AQUAMAN is nominated alongside the likes of the other 31 nominees speaks volumes. There is stiff competition here guys, so hopefully FOAMers will make the effort to head on over to IGN.com and vote!