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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Young Justice #8 - Nov. 2011

"Wonderland" by Greg Weisman, Kevin Hopps, and Christopher Jones.

It's Young Justice Saturday!

by Shrine Correspondent Andy Luckett

Hi again everyone, Andy Luckett here with a review of another issue Young Justice!

To recap, last issue's spotlight fell on Artemis, as she encountered the YJ team during their battle with Professor Ivo's android Amazo in the Gotham Academy gymnasium. Watching the proceedings, Artemis realizes she isn't alone:

As she battles the MONQIs outside, the others continue to take on Amazo inside. Kid Flash rushes the android, but is caught and squeezed with the strength of Superman. Seeing this, Artemis looses a shaft at Amazo that causes him to go immaterial (using Martian Manhunter's powers) and drop KF. This gives Robin and Superboy the time needed to defeat Amazo. Despite providing the assist, Artemis chooses to stay hidden:
Of course Robin, being the observant fellow he is, finds the arrow and examines it, but by the time he tracks its trajectory, Artemis is gone. A few nights later, after she returns from patrol, Artemis' mother asks to see her. As she enters the living room, she gets a surprise:
At first, Artemis thinks she's in trouble for her vigilante activities, but Batman asks her to join the team, and Green Arrow offers to provide her with a secret identity. Naturally, she agrees, and a while later:
And there we have it: the back story is filled in for Artemis' addition to the team. This issue was pretty much what I expected after the setup from last issue. Which is fine, it serves to provide a deeper understanding of the way the team got its final member. But from a preference standpoint, I would prefer to see this comic used to chronicle further adventures of the team. After all, the budget for an over-the-top, thrilling adventure in a comic is much less than doing the same story within an animated show, and part of me wishes the creators would break free from the continuity structure of laid by the show and let the stories work as parallel missions. As it stands now a few issues of this comic have felt more like deleted scenes from a film rather than a separate entity of their own.

As you might expect, Aqualad makes only two non-speaking appearances in this issue, once in the gymnasium after Amazo is defeated and once inside headquarters at the end. It makes sense that he would be marginalized since this is Artemis' story, but hopefully all the member's contributions will be made a bit more equal as time goes on.

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