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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thatababy - 11/14/11

Aquaman is all over the comics pages lately! This is from the 11/14/11 edition of Thatababy, a strip I had never heard of previously. People love teaming up Aquaman up with Spongebob, they just do.

This was sent to me by our newest F.O.A.M. member Chris Bern--thanks Chris, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!

Post Script: Chris was so jazzed about being inducted into F.O.A.M. that he wrote about it on his blog. Outrageous!

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Brendan said...

The 11/14 Thatababy strip was just the start of a story running this week that features everyone's favorite King of the Sea. Unfortunately it involves Aquaman getting stuck in a toilet and a failed rescue attempt by a team of heroes lead by Batman and Bert (of "& Ernie" fame).

Pretty funny.