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Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Friends Storyboards by Alex Toth

I found this scan of some Super Friends storyboards by The Master, Alex Toth, on a random Google search one day--Batman and Robin vs. Black Manta! (click to embiggen)

Alex Toth's storyboards were so complete, so evocative, that I'd love to see someone compile them all into one book and just release it as a sort of comic book--you pretty much can follow his boards like they're completed art, they're that good.

I honestly don't remember what episode of this is from--it would have to be Challenge of the Super Friends since that's the only SF series that Manta appeared in. Anyone have an idea of the episode?


Anonymous said...

It's probably from the 1977 season, All New Superfriends Hour, "The Water Beast". It's a pre-Challenge episode of Super Friends with Black Manta as the baddy.


jack schnerk said...

since i did the layouts from this board for this episode, i'll correct 'anonymous' here. said episode is from 'challenge' and it's 'revenge on gorilla city'. by the by: howzit being in a comicbook buying world where the latest ish of 'aman', (#5), outsells EVERY 'x-men' book? cool, huh?