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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aquaman on the Web: The Greatest Aquaman Stories Ever Told!


Our friend Brian Cronin who writes for CBR's blog Comics Should Be Good (@CSBG on the tweets) has been running a feature entitled "The Greatest ______ Stories Ever Told! where fans submit their top ten stories featuring the fill-in-the-blank character or team, and an ultimate list is compiled.

This week's TGSET! subject is none other than the King of the Seven Seas himself, Aquaman! Brian will do all the grunt work of crunching the numbers from submitted lists and will publish the Top 10 Greatest Aquaman Stories Ever Told! on Sunday November 27th.

This is a poll where F.O.A.M.ers can really participate & shine as we don't think there are many casual fans who can even name ten great Aquaman stories, let alone rank them in order of favorites. Stories are not limited to Aquaman series or mini-series either so if your favorite Aquaman story is a specific team-up with Batman in the Brave & the Bold or his storyline in Brightest Day, you can list those amongst your choices. Basically, any DC Comics story/run where Aquaman appeared and played a significant role is up for nomination.

For the full explanation of rules and how to submit your list, please head on over to CBSG Archive for all the deets.

Whether your favorite stories include "Attack of the Fire Trolls", "the Obsidian Age", "the Search for Mera", Emperor Aquaman, Time & Tide, the Sword of Atlantis run, or even the current "The Trench" storyline, the deadline for list submission is 11:59 PM PST November 26th, so get cracking fellow Aqua-fans!


Joe Slab said...

I've already sent my list in. Interesting to see how the stories I picked stretch from the Silver Age Aquaman series and hit upon a number of runs in-between, right up to Geoff Johns current storyline.

Shellhead said...

Most of PAD's run, and "Death of a Prince" should be near the top. The Obsidian Age was also quite good. JMS's recent Brave and the Bold story with Etrigan was also awesome. Beyond that . . . sadly, there's a lot of crap.

It's a bit too early for Johns to be considered Top Ten material, but in a few years . . . probably.