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Friday, November 04, 2011

Andy Begin's Aquaman Shrine

This the personal Aqua-Shrine of F.O.A.M. member Andy Begin. Andy's army of Aquamen (plus two Aqualads) stand guard over his DVD collection--which surely must include some Aquaman cartoons, right Andy?

Thanks for the pic Andy!


David J. Cutler said...

Cool collection, Andy! Never ceases to amaze me how many Aquafanatics there actually are. I used to think I was pretty alone. I keep meaning to find the money on the street somewhere to buy that Brightest Day Aqualad, too. It'd be nice to get some Aquaman toys out of DC direct whose bases weren't other characters' logos sometime in the future!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Cool collection, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I keep finding more figures to add to it too. The collection will just continue to grow(untill the wife says otherwise lol)

and Rob, of course I have Aquaman Cartoons :)