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Monday, November 07, 2011

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 13

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First up, Superman, Batman, and Robin take on "The Man Beasts of Xra", which are the creations of a Dr. Moreau-type scientist. These Sf episodes frequently had shots like this:
Despite other heroes being present (in this case, an extra-large Aquaman), only a handful of heroes go out on the specific mission. "Nah, that's okay, Aquaman--we can handle this ourselves!" Awk-ward.

After the Wonder Twins teach a lesson in brotherhood, all the Super Friends are on hand for "The Tiny World of Terror":
In this story, a greedy inventor has created a shrinking ray, and aims it at the Super Friends when they try and stop him from shrinking everything in sight! This leaves them potential victims to once-harmless creatures, like a frog:
Later, the Super Friends are attacked by a bunch of water bugs, and Aquaman steps up and uses his telepathic powers on a nearby fish, which he commands to scatter the bugs:
The final team-up segment stars Superman and The Flash (who they keep calling "The Superhero Flash" as if kids don't know who he is) who are on hand to rescue victims of a plane crash. I love this little piece of stock art on the title card:
Finally, Aquaman teaches us a magic trick, the one about wrapping a glass in newspaper and then making it look like you're smashing the glass. Its all about misdirection!
...and so ends another fun episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Aquaman shines in the group Super Friends segment, since he's best equipped to deal with all the various animals that are threatening to gulp our heroes. Miniaturized or no, he's still the King of the Seven Seas!

This episode's Aqua-Content: Medium

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Earth 2 Chris said...

I loved the title cards on this version of SF in particular. When I played with my Mego and Super Powers figures and team-up two characters, I had to pose them for such a title card!