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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ABC Saturday Morning Ad - 1981

Oh, the hurt. The hurt.

This ad for ABC's then-Saturday Morning line-up ran in a jillion comics in 1981, and even as a kid I was irritated--which has only grown into fury with age--that Aquaman was left out of the Super Friends blurb. Yeah, yeah, I know--they only had a that little corner, but check out that line where it says "Wonder Woman"--you couldn't fit "Aquaman" on there?

Why, yes, you could, and I'll prove it:
...was that so hard?

I was content to never post this ad, but after F.O.A.M.er Craig Wichman sent it to me, the old wound opened up again and now you all have to deal with it. You can thank Craig.


Wings1295 said...

I like yours better! Now we just need to replace ALL know copies with that version and alter history!

wich2 said...

"AAAAAAY!" (As The Fonz would say...)

Sorry, Rob. I mean, you're welcome. I mean...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I'd erase most of those shows too, leaving only Super Friends and Thundarr.


Aaron said...

Frankly, the fact that they found space to include "Plasticbaby" makes it all the more tragic.

Bleak said...

Aquaman has little presence on a lot of the DVD releases of Superfriends as well. On some he's not shown at all while on others he gets like one picture inside the case somewhere. Meanwhile the stupid Wonder Twins are plastered all over the place.