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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Super Friends #37 - Oct. 1980

Comics Weekend "Bad Weather for Supergirl!" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Vince Colletta.

With no Aqua-centric New 52 books to look at this week, I thought we'd dip back into the pool of the Super Friends, featuring guest star Supergirl:
Linda takes off to change into her Supergirl costume, just in time for The Weather Wizard to show up!

Creating a ski slope made of ice, WW dives right into the hotel where the convention is being held (I did that at San Diego once), but before he can grab any loot, he's stopped by another WW, Wonder Woman!

Wizard knocks Wonder Woman off her feet, long enough to grab some items and take off. Wonder Woman trails behind him, with Supergirl now arriving to help out. They manage to grab the stolen items back from the Wizard, but he gets away.

A crowd of onlookers ask Wonder Woman for her autograph, while ignoring Supergirl, which hurts her feelings. Back in her identity as Linda, she subtly tries to figure out why the Maid of Steel was barely noticed, and the kids say that's because, where they're from, they see Supergirl all the time--Wonder Woman, though, is a big deal!
Suddenly Supergirl's pity party is interrupted again by the Weather Wizard, who sweeps in with a mini-tornado of his creation. The winds cause the hotel's roof collapses, and why Supergirl is busy rescuing victims, the Weather Wizard gets away. Or does he?
The Weather Wizard manages to elude all the Super Friends (must be because the SF are not used to fighting in such close quarters--yeah, that's it), until he is grabbed by Janya (shape of...an elephant!) and tossed into the bitter, bitter arms of Supergirl.

...The End!

Who knew Kara/Linda was so insecure? I thought that was Babs' side of the street!

Aquaman doesn't get a whole lot to do, but he does at least get to be seen mobbed by fans, as well as probably breaking Weather Wizard's jaw, something I always enjoy!


Russell said...

Never liked this issue. The idea of the Weather Wizard showing up was good (he was always one of my favorites) but the insecure of Supergirl was just...bad. And the art team of Ramona Fradon with Vince Colletta...nope, not a favorite.

JasonMotesBowles said...

On no, Russell! It's one of my all-time faves! I read it a million times as a kid! I think I just liked having Supergirl alongside the Superfriends! And at least she got a happy ending!

Anthony said...

What got me was a panel showing Superman standing next to pin-up pictures (in a kids' comic no less)! Yeah, I know, a part of collectible shows, but didn't figure on seeing that aspect noted here of all places...

Aquaman as a movie star? Hmm...

Randy Meyer said...

Story might not have 'aged' well, but it IS a favorite of mine as it was one of my first comic book purchases.