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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Fire and Water Podcast: Episode 6

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 6: Geoff Johns/Gail Simone/Fury of Firestorm #2/Aquaman #2/Listener Feedback

Closing Theme: F.O.A.M.er Dan Adams and The Bad Mamma Jammas!


Wings1295 said...

Cool! Can't wait to listen!

Shellhead said...

Ditch the Firestorm stuff and I'm in. Come on, Rob! Aqua-podcasts! Do it!

Diabolu Frank said...

1) I'm 100% behind the rehabilitation of Mera and am pleased to see at least one DC marriage remains healthy and intact. It's just that as a fan, I have a tougher time resolving my personal feelings on the matter. See, except for Ray Palmer and Jean Loring, the Arthur/Mera union was always the weakest. They got married in a fever, Junior came along so quick it had to be a harpoon wedding, and began to fall apart immediately upon the kid's death. Mera's aggression reached murderous levels, and she's otherwise displayed severe mental instability for decades. As much as I want to be cool with them as a couple, I keep associated Aquaman with Nancy Spungen. It's going to take a little more time and effort for me to not expect Arthur to wake up one morning to find her preparing to fillet him.

2) The DC Retroactive books were plagued by a mismatch between coloring and printing. They printed so dark and muddy that it really diminished the art. Sounds like Firestorm is having similar if opposite problems.

3) Tweakers are so wound up on meth that they go all hyper OCD. I dated one after she'd kicked, but some of her friends hadn't. Fun!

4) ICV2 noted that Stormwatch #1 sold 14 copies more than Firestorm #1. Faced! Do note though that Firestorm was returnable, and Stormwatch was not, so retailers didn't get a free ride with that title.

5) Nobody got the DC Challenge reference, Rob.

6) It's weird that Super Dickery came up, because I've got a crossover with Anj coming next week where I do the same repeatedly.

7) Shag, Aquaman and Ocean Master have always had the same father, just not the same man always being that father. R.I.P. Atlan.

8) 15-30 minutes each of Aquaman and Firestorm discussion a week should be plenty for most people, so you shouldn't apologize for wandering into other areas of comic book discussion. I'm sure the makers of O.M.A.C. and All-Star Western appreciate the attention. For a lot of years, I'm sure you guys were hungry for any mention of Sea Kings and Nuclear Men amongst all the JLA-centric goings on at DC you could find.

9) The only DC short I haven't liked so far is Green Arrow. It felt very generic and forced. I haven't seen Catwoman yet, though.

10) It's my own damned fault. I'm positive "The Martian Manhunter Appreciation Blog" would be more phonetically and Google hit friendly. However, I'm not positive in general, so why advertise falsely?

11) Does Shag have much interest in Marvel Comics? Rob was referencing those guys a fair amount this round, and it occurred to me that I rarely hear Shag mention the other team at all.

12) I'm out of school and job hunting, which explains the speedy responses.

13) P.M.'s "history lesson" idea is great. Make that happen.

14) The Savage Slipknot? That's going to leave a mark.

15) It's good that you guys are so temperate, but I really enjoy a bloodthirsty, annihilating review. Sometimes the only pleasure in a bad work is in slitting it from stem to sternum.

rob! said...

Woo! Love your reviews, Frank!

Anonymous said...

On the Aquaman #2, I thought the same as Shag when the King spat his gunk on the fisherman/Aquaman. I thought it was more of a way to claim his prey (being that he is the king/Alpha male the others would back down if he specifically wanted something).

Plus if that goo was used to paralyze Aquaman/Fisherman, you'd think they would've included a "Argh...can't...move" dialogue bubble

Anyways great show as always, but I was wondering when you guys were ever going to do a "special geek out" like you said in ep 1

Lil Russell Burbage said...

Frank, *I* got the DC Challenge reference. :-) I was actually expecting Rob to mention that terrible Five Star Super-Hero Spectacular story, though. :-)

Diabolu Frank said...

Okay, nobody but little Russell Burbage got the DC Challenge reference. Hopefully some members of the Royal Flush Gang will be lying around that desert...

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Thanks for the support y'all! Much appreciated!

@Frank & @Russell - Ahhhh... thanks for the explanation. When rob mentioned biting into the neck of a bird, it tickled some vague memory in the back of my mind but I couldn't place it. Leave it to Frank, the #1 DC Challenge fan in the world, to help me out.

@Shellhead - You're on my list... ;)

@Anonymous - "Special Geek Out"? Help me out with that? Do you mean the "Who's Who" special episodes? If so, we actually recorded one, but we want to re-record it and give it more time. It's gonna be a nerdgasm!

The Irredeemable Shag