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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AquaSketch by Joe Prado

I missed seeing Joe Prado at his table during my first trip to the NYCC's unofficial "Aqua-Corner" (consisting of Joe, Rod Reis, and Ivan Costa, there representing Ivan Reis), so when I saw that he was at the DC booth doing a signing, I headed over there to make sure I had the opportunity to say hello.

I waited in line, and put my Ivan Reis' signed copy of Aquaman #1 on the table. I raised my Aquaman Shrine lanyard and introduced myself, and Joe's face lit up. He reached across the table and grabbed my hand and said how much he loved the Shrine! Woo!

Joe signed the book, and then told me to find him back at this booth, because he had something for me. I assumed it was the color piece Ivan had already given me (see yesterday's post), but when I returned to Aqua-Corner to pick up my sketchbook from Rod, Joe reached into a portfolio and handed me the piece (measuring 11x14") you see up top, done especially for the Shrine!

I was, of course, completely floored at this gesture of generosity, and managed to stammer out a bunch of babbled compliments. Joe repeated how much he loves the Shrine and appreciates what we do, which ranks up there as one of my all-time proudest Shrine-related moments.

Aquaman couldn't be in better hands! Thanks Joe!


ari said...

That is such a crazy story! So rad

Orin's dad said...

Whoa...wow, rob!, you must still be full of excitement from everything that happened at the Con. These stories just get better and better. That is so unbelievably cool! And what an awesome pic! You're gonna go broke buying frames for everything you got there this year. :-) Woo-hoo!

Wings1295 said...

So great!!!

Designer Daddy said...

Very cool, Rob. The last line of your post could certainly be said about you as well!

Diabolu Frank said...