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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aquaman Family Cover Print

On Sunday at the NYCC, I was talking to Aquaman color artist Rod Reis, looking through the portfolio of prints he had for sale. Several of them featured Aquaman, and Rod asked me which one I liked the best.

Not exactly knowing why he was asking, I selected the one you see above since, in addition to being a damn fine piece of art, it features the whole Aqua-Family (at least as it stands now). Rod then handed me a print of this very piece, but not before signing it!

This piece was used as a variant cover to Brightest Day #20, and I love it. Thanks so much Rod!


Wings1295 said...

Beautiful, indeed!

IADW said...

Wow that is awesome! Makes you wish DC had more of a posters catalouge. Thanks for sharing Rob!