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Friday, October 28, 2011

Aquaman Customs by Adam Crohn

These two Aquaman action figures are custom creations/modifications by newest F.O.A.M.er Adam Crohn, whose work appears on the AC Custom Action Figures blog.

Since I know nothing about customizing/sculpting, I'll let Adam explain his process and the result: "
I'm really excited about this figure for several reasons. First is…he's my first! Aquaman is one of my favorite characters, and so I thought it right to make the king of the DC seas the first AO! custom figure. I call this the 'Crisis of Conscience' Aquaman because this is how he looked in the uber underrated, and great, pre-Infinite Crisis JLA arc from Geoff Johns.

Now, I have to confess a couple things. He isn't exactly a custom, but more of a modification of the original DC Universe short and long hair versions of the figure. I moved the arms and head of the short hair figure over to the body and legs of the long hair figure. Notice the solid green pants without the black 'Josh Brollin from Goonies' style shorts, and the gold belt."

And then this about the second figure: "Ok, so I’m a little partial towards Aquaman. I love the design of my first custom, but I felt like I owed you guys a bit more customization. So here is Orin from 'The 'Waterbearer' story, written by Rick Veitch. Orin trades in his fishing hook for a magical water hand, compliments of The Lady of the Lake. The run was a bit 'Arthurian', as in a sword jammed into a rock, but it was a decent run, and I thought the water hand was badass!

The figure itself is made from pieces of both DC Universe Aquamen (short and long haired), and Lex Luthor. Finished him off with a custom paint job.

Make him an A-lister! Give him his own book and put him in charge of the JLA!"

Adam wrote the above in February of this year--pretty damn prescient, sir! Thanks for the great work, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Wings1295 said...

Great figures! Very imposing, as he should be!

Designer Daddy said...

Love the "Josh Brolin from Goonies" reference. :)

AC said...

Hey guys! AC here from AC Custom Figures. Glad you liked him, and double glad (not like the trash bag) that our boy finally got his own book! Let's keep reading!