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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Friends #29 - Feb. 1980

Comics Weekend "Invisible Defenders of Earth!" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Bob Smith.

While Wonder Woman is on Monitor Duty at the JLA Satellite, she and The Wonder Twins (who are visiting; oh joy) see something startling on the viewscreen:
...I love how ticked off Wonder Woman gets. Get off of Earth's lawn, you aliens!!

Anyway, WW calls the Super Friends, just as the alien ship gets to Earth and starts to attack. It emits some sort of beam that kills all the organic life surrounding it!

Wonder Woman arrives, and hatches quite a plan: using her Magic Lasso, she vibrates the exposed parts of her body (and that's a lot!) into another dimension, leaving only her disembodied costume behind!

The rest of the team arrives, and are of course a little shocked to see Diana in such a state. Before she has the chance to explain, she does the same to Superman, and then the rest:
The bodiless Super Friends dispatch the aliens, and Wonder Woman returns them all to normal. She then takes care of the Kryptonite-lined force field machine, which enables Superman to carry the whole thing back into space:
...wait, that's it? Nine pages?

Yep, that was it--this issue's SF adventure is a mere nine pages. Following this the Wonder Twins get a solo adventure, and with comics page counts being what they were at the time (17-18 pages, the lowest in the history of the medium, I believe), that meant that if you were gonna do two stories in one book, they had to be short.

I decided to dig up an old issue of Super Friends because there's no Aquaman content in this week's New 52 books, and I wanted the Sea King to have some presence today. But little did I realize how a small a role he has here--he has exactly one line (page 5's "What an eerie feeling!") in the entire adventure!

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

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Joseph Brian Scott said...

Fun review as usual, and a fun story; could easily have been a plot from the ol' Gardner Fox days on the JLA.

And the panel of just their exposed body parts floating in a nether realm made me feel funny.