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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New 52: Week 4!

Wow! The news is astounding and unprecedented in comic book history: Twenty-seven issues into DC Comics New 52 and all twelve new titles have sold out at the distributor level and in most actual brick and mortar shops, generating multiple printings of every title! Not only this, but all thirteen of this week's books are also already sold out via Diamond Distributors even before they've hit the stands!

So just like last week, the Aquaman Shrine staff are giving you our preview picks for the most anticipated of the weekly bunch. Take it away guys!

(click to embiggen and print)

Its a big week for me (although not as big as next week!!!) with Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo topping my list of anticipated titles. I will also be giving Blue Beetle (by Emperor Aquaman's Tony Bedard) a try as well as Captain Atom by J.T. Krull, although the latter had better be a step up from his Green Arrow #1 or it will fall off my pull list just as quickly. I've heard great things about Wonder Woman so even though I'm not a big fan of the Amazon Princess, I will be picking this one up just based on the early buzz. Nightwing (with colors by Aquaman's Rod Reis) will get a read from me, as will Red Hood and the Outlaws. Finally, even though Paul Levitz' return to the Legion has left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed, as a life-long Legion fan I will definitely be getting LSH #1 too...Long Live the Legion! Whew, good thing rob! pays me so well to run the Shrine's Twitter feed! ;) -- Joe Slab

Despite my trepidations, I may give Catwoman a try (I love that cover!), and I'll probably be getting DC Universe Presents, 'cause I loves me some anthology books. I'll also definitely be getting Wonder Woman #1, I would love nothing more than a really good WW book for me to enjoy month in, month out. -- rob!

Blue Beetle: I *like* this kid. Why was his series cancelled in the first place? This one won't be around long so I'll probably keep buying it. DCU Presents: not a Deadman fan, so will pick this up after his story is over. Wonder Woman: haven't bought her since Phil Jimenez. I *want* to like WW. I really do. I *love* Cliff Chiang, so I will probably get this. -- Russell Burbage

So, what are you picking up this week, Aqua-Fans?


Count Drunkula said...

I'm getting them all, but the issues I'm most looking forward to (and will get digitally) are WONDER WOMAN, BATMAN, and CATWOMAN. I really, really hope BIRDS OF PREY will be good even without Gail Simone writing it, but I kind of doubt it will. Maybe if it gets cancelled Black Canary can get a solo book or miniseries.

Wings1295 said...

Great choices, you guys!

I am getting Batman #1, DC Universe Presents #1 (I love anthologies, too!) and Wonder Woman #1.


Dennis Doucette said...

I shall be getting Batman, Blue Beetle, Nightwing, Red hood, and Wonder Woman.

Orin's dad said...

Legion here. Light week for me.

Shellhead said...


That's it.

joe said...

This is a light week for me, it's going to be DCU Presents and that's it. I'll probably get Batman, Wonder Woman and Nightwing in trades if I hear good things about them