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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The New 52: Swamp Thing #1

Comics Weekend "Raise Dem Bones" by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette.

While the Shrine already covered this a few weeks ago, its still worth noting that the "New 52" Aquaman made his official debut this week, in the pages of Swamp Thing #1!

The book opens in Metropolis, with something very strange happening:
Unfortunately for us Aqua-Fans, that's it for the Sea King in this issue. Still, quite groovy that he's here, alongside his JLA pals! Welcome, New 52 Aquaman!

We pick up with Alec Holland, now working incognito as a construction worker (alongside David Banner, I'm sure). But incognito means nothing to someone like Superman, who easily finds Holland and asks him for advice about all this dead animal stuff.

Holland wants to be left alone, and basically blows off The Man of Steel (maybe its the collar?). But of course, Holland can't hide from himself, and while trying to sleep (at Totleben's Motel, nice touch) he has a vivid dream, only to awaken to a rom full of fauna!

He runs outside (but first grabbing a can of experimental formula he's been working on, which he told Superman he didn't have), to be greeted by...Swamp Thing?!? To be continued!

Overall, I liked Swamp Thing #1 quite a bit. I've always liked the character, in almost every iteration (Wein/Wrightson, Pasko/Yeates, Moore/Bissette, even that one starring Tef
é), and this one's off to a good start: the story is involving, and Paquette's art is well-suited to this material. Onto issue #2!
Later on today, the Shrine will do some brief recaps on some of the other New 52 books that came out this week!


Shellhead said...

Batgirl was pure win. Very excited.

Superman was too different from what I'm used to. But I liked the take on Lex, so I'm probably in for the first story arc.

Wings1295 said...

Great to see Aquaman back in action! Can't wait for the full issue!