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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Aquaman Shrine Word Find #3!

Courtesy Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage comes this week's Aquaman Shrine Word Find!

Here are the clues (you can click on the puzzle to see a bigger version):

Alex Saviuk
Bob Haney
Bob Rozakis
Butch Guice
Dan Jurgens
David Michelinie
Dick Dillin
Dick Giordano
Don Heck
Don Newton
Gardner Fox
Geoff Johns
George Perez
Jim Califiore
Jm DeMatteis
John Arcudi
Ken Hooper
Kurt Busiek
Leonard Kirk
Martin Pasko
Mike Grell
Mike Sekowsky
Neal Adams
Nick Cardy
Patrick Gleason
Paul Kupperberg
Paul Levitz
Paul Norris
Peter David
Ramona Fradon
Rick Veitch
Shaun McLaughlin
Shawn McManus
Steve Epting
Steve Skeates
Tad Williams
Wil Pfeifer

...and here's the solution to last week's Aqua-Maze!


Designer Daddy said...

No Jim Aparo?

Russell said...

I know! I put him in on the list but then forgot to check if he was one of the creators who was taken off due to size constraints. I was so intent on making sure that Peter David etc were there that I forgot Jim Aparo!!

I feel great shame. :-(

rob! said...

Maybe we need to do some sort of Aparo-centric puzzle, like a crossword?

Russell said...

Rob, I like it! I'll get on it right away!! :-)